It is well established that drug treatment is not only sufficient to treat addiction because, as mentioned earlier, addicts suffer both physically and mentally during addiction, and opting for physical therapy instead of psychotherapy can greatly increase the chances of relapse. To this end, psychiatrists at the Relief Foundation for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment for Rehabilitation organized several sessions of patient behavioral psychotherapy .

Some common triggers for drug use include, but are not limited to :

Recovery is the stage of treatment that occurs during or after detoxification as you or a family member addresses the origins and triggers of drug use behaviors. Everyone has a history of substance abuse, and they need customized care related to their unique care needs.

  • family and loved ones
  • romantic relationships
  • Gender and sexual identity
  • Underlying mental health issues
  • Occupational stress
  • Chronic pain and illness
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Rehabilitation programs and behavioral psychotherapy

Rehabilitation and behavioral psychotherapy programs fall under this axis, full, half board and relapse programs. This treatment hub is established through psychosocial interventions, including educational programs, prevention programs, harm and risk reduction programs, self-support interventions through the Program Global 12-Step Program, cognitive behavioral therapy-based interventions, and group therapy programs

  • Occupational therapy groups and certification programs
  • Motivational support programs, recreational and sports activities
  • By mixing different treatment options
  • Building a therapeutic community based on theories of psychological and behavioral change

A person must bring about real internal psychological changes in him that will allow him to deal with life and return and the skills of dealing with life and his surroundings without the use of drugs or alcohol. Some of these treatment options are available in certain countries, but we have provided them specifically for the Arab community .

Through it, the registrant learns patience, honesty, self-respect, family and community rights, and how to deal with society

For the individual who is productive and competent to deal with his or her circumstances and situations without using drugs, that is i

Falling into drug addiction, the entire show broke the carpenters’ barrier of fear, allowing him to regain his personality .

He longed for her, or made him realize who he was meant to be—rehabilitation programs and behavioral psychotherapy .

Also in rehabilitation programs and behavioral psychotherapy, a person is rehabilitated psychologically and behaviorally to learn how to deal with his feelings, thoughts and feelings through specialized programs in the therapeutic community, which include various types of psychological and behavioral counseling and individual and group sessions. different treatment and treatment groups .

This type of environment helps individuals :

1- Gaining a better understanding of others and their experiences
2- Dealing with life problems without external pressures
3- Providing immediate and daily psychological support and guidance to teach individuals how to deal with daily life without using drugs
4- These environments are often highly structured to inculcate new behaviors in individuals
5- Taking responsibility for one’s own actions is one of the biggest challenges a person faces and is something they learn in this environment .
6- The involvement and effectiveness of the therapeutic community in activities and daily life creates the social and participatory spirit that addicts need to open up to the outside world .
7- Emphasis on living rather than dealing with the symptoms of illness .
8- Learning to deal with obligations and conditions in these societies can be a new and beneficial experience for drug users who learn to obey specific rules and live according to their health conditions .
9- The feeling of safety and intimacy in these societies helps the person to liberate and participate actively .

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